Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge

Today I happened to come across and stumble upon Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge while doing my roundup of the popular Android & iPhone App Store games and I was greatly intrigued since it looked like a special which something set it apart from the others I’ve played in the past, so I had to try it out. Then I’ve spent some time with it and so far I have to surely admit that I’m far assuaged from by this quality accolade of gem.

For the developer’s namely XI-ART successful release on the Google Play Store and App Store, I trust that they did a splendid job with Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge. Towers TriPeaks Solitaire (Pyramid Solitaire) would certainly be your addicting adventure in the classic solitaire world together with your friends.

If global players adore Free Cell, Hearts, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Club, Diamond, Tri Peaks solitaires or mahjong games, then global users would certainly adore this amazing beautiful vintage style classic tripeaks solitaire free to play game.

Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge

How to play Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge

  • The global players have a deck of 52 cards with shuffled off
  • The users have a table with three towers from the deck cards
  • You must first draw will open one card, that is a place where you require to move all cards from the table
  • To actively move card select one with value of one point higher or lower that top one, any suit
  • Suppose if have no cards to move, choose deck to draw next card
  • The users are in game while you have any move and time
  • You have up to three rounds per game, if you perform well 1st, then you will get 2nd, if you are so lucky to done perform both, welcome to the Bonus Round

Salient Features of Towers TriPeaks Solitaire:

  • It is wholly addictive ad free game
  • Have exclusive HD graphics
  • You have thrilling sound effects
  • High rewards for your achievements, and big rewards for your good achievements
  • It entirely free, but if you require, then you can buy any gold or silver pack to boost your experience
  • Have all-in-one friend’s integration: once connected to the Facebook, the players would get your friends for competition, for challenge and for communication and help.

Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge

It is highly noted that this game is not at all gambling and one can win a prize. There are 2 player rules so you can’t play tournament alone. Moreover every tournament goes 3 days, but your patience would be rewarded with prizes, fun and challenge. Also assist your friends with a live (heart) as soon as you wish to challenge them, they would get a notification from Facebook about your attention. You can try playing this Towers TriPeaks Solitaire game in iPhone also by clicking this link.

Useful tips:

  • Players can use bonuses to boost your score. For instance, taking the Freeze Bonus before you play just for 250 silver coins (you can select silver while playing), you would get the strong ability to freeze the timer a couple of times.
  • Try to make fast combinations; Quick Hand is your friend on the way to higher score
  • You can also clean up all the cards; every cleaned tower would offer you more and more bonus points
  • Try to keep the deck as full as possible; every card there is your bonus points
  • Try to play bonus rounds, that is your biggest step to the top of the score table
  • You can also play fast; time is your score points too

In conclusion Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.