Chicken attack for Android

I happened to come across and stumble upon Chicken attack for Android while doing my weekly roundup of the popular Google Play Store games, and I was amazingly intrigued since it looked like a special. It also set it apart from the others I’ve played in the past, so I had to try it out. Then I’ve spent some time with it and so far I have to surely admit that I’m far assuaged from by this accolade of gem.

For the developer’s successful release on the Google Play Store, I trust that they did a splendid job with Chicken attack. This game is efficaciously built with a unique story line and motive. It is like an action game meant for the kids as well as adults. This is simple yet challenging game throughout all the levels of the game play.

Chicken attack for Android

Primarily there are 40 levels of the game play each having a different difficulty level. Also there are 2 characters in the game- the flying turtle and the flying chicken. Both are flying above the ground and begin a battle against each other. You know that the flying chicken is laying eggs all the time. The global player’s main motive is to assist the flying turtle to eliminate the eggs laid by the chicken. The players require tapping on the turtle and the eggs would be eliminated by just shooting.

Most of us question that how the chicken help itself to be prevented from the turtle? The chicken has an additional help from the flying rocks, speed bombs, giant jumping eggs and a flying chick that shoots eggs. Since, the turtle must fly over the flying rocks, eliminate the speed bombs, the giant jumping eggs and the flying chick that shoots eggs otherwise the turtle would be destroyed and the players will lose the game. If it occurs, then a new life would be automatically generated if players have enough lives. In case if you eliminate the eggs and pass through the obstacles than players will unlock the next level.

Chicken attack for Android

Altogether the game is full of fun and entertainment where a battle takes place between the flying turtle and the chicken. Another good aspect that should be noticed is that throughout the whole game, the turtle could collect ammo bonuses and live bonuses.

The graphics and the overall design of the game are extremely good. The interface of the game is quite user-friendly. The controls of the game play are simple and easy to use. Chicken Attack has been developed by Ofek Games, this year. The app has been compatible with all the Android Smartphones having the latest version of the Operating System. The app is available for totally free on the Google Play Store. Eventually Chicken Attack is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I strongly recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.