Defense of Roman Britain TD

With so much scintillating events going on these days, I could find my expedient solace in spending time with playing games to take my tense mind off of everything. It is enumerated that you could find lot of adept gaming on the cards lately, but every now and I always like to return to my passionate Android platform for gaming, specifically the popular Defense of Roman Britain TD.

It has actually been more than 10 years since the first Roman legions landed in Britannia. The Celts and Brits are trying to resist but the Roman army was much stronger. Moreover most of Britannia’s territory has been actually captured but the war continues. You, as a young Roman patrician, would actively take part in the suppression of rebellious tribes. This will not be simple since the tribes are led by Caracatus and Druids. Defense of Roman Britain TD game is appreciated from all corners of global users.

Defense of Roman Britain TD

The global players would take a part in a whirlwind of battles and intrigues. You can build powerful weapons and accurate plan strategy of protection. The players can wisely lead battles with many units on each level. It is also possible to utilize several tactics to complete levels. You can also upgrade your weapons and spells. Eventually the prosperity of Roman Empire and Emperor’s life depends of you.

The Defense of Roman Britain TD game has several features namely availability of non-linear story line and exciting quests. You have over 60 levels with multiple difficulties and include over 30 kinds of enemies. There are 8 types of fighting weapons, each comprising variety of system upgrades. Even more there are 5 kinds of install-able gears which actually influence and improve the characteristics of combat vehicles.

Defense of Roman Britain TD

The global players should have the ability to personally control the battles, using grenades, bombs, Tribolos, lightning’s, Greek fire, poisonous gas, frost, and meteor rain. There are game seasons and weather changes with bosses at levels. You have support in Russian, English, French, Spanish and German languages.

The features and game mechanics in Defense of Roman Britain TD are straightforward and superlative, specifically if you’ve enjoyed playing this game many times.  Defense of Roman Britain TD is a familiar title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.