Pigeon Wings for iOS

Pigeon Wings for iOS by Ignacio Schiefelbein in efficacious collaboration with Kris Hattori is toug arcade shooter where pigeons are the only bird that might stop an evil madman from wholly destroying the city. It is the familiar fast paced arcade shooter that is adeptly delightful.

It’s a challenging game, as players die several times, but it is totally funny enough to keep players coming back for more. Pigeon Wings is the game with primarily level-based and has several plot behind everything, which gets opened through humorous cutscenes between respective stages.

The players must go through each stage in a linear fashion, and there is no option to skip a level. The key goal of the game is simple where one should race other pigeons and rank in the top three to actively earn medals, or face off against tough boss battles to clear the stage.

Pigeon Wings for iOS

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