A Day in the Life of Atlas

In this era of mobile gaming technology the global players could come across many games every day, so players often wonder which ones are worth playing. The global players always like the best games to be installed. This is where A Day in the Life of Atlas game developed by Jelly-Filled Games, LLC adeptly specializes in.

As creators it is known fact that the biggest pain would be when making arcade games, so A Day in the Life of Atlas free arcade game has found a better way. It requires Android 4.2 or any later version of the Operating System. If global players are good enough to hold up the Heavens, then this game is certainly efficacious for you.

A Day in the Life of Atlas

If global players are looking to kill some time, then one should play some games with interesting levels. The games in this list are quick, fun, and an accurate way to spend few minutes and it actually kills your boredom. It is known fact that the developer of this game is a small Indie app-game development company which is unique and transparent focusing at developing entertaining games, jam-packed with goofy additional content.

The game is built on Greek Mythological content. The global players have to go through 4 chapters with long challenge modes and 45 levels with medal system. The main task is to play as Atlas. Primarily the players have to activate tokens and finish complex combo sequences. If players wish to buy enough time, then hold on to tokens and remember to keep the Atlas balanced by tilting your device.

A Day in the Life of Atlas

The players had to weather the elements and survive the horrors of the 4th chapter. You have more than 30 alternate skins where you can attempt to collect. They have endless modes to play and the game provides you mostly functional touch-screen-based arcade mechanics. If players require some help then they can go for tutorial.

The most interesting thing about this game is that they have expedient hidden content. This game has guaranteed entertaining aspect for all. So global players can grab this amazing app now! A day in the Life of Atlas has all the things that you need to enjoy!