Topsoil for iPhone

Topsoil by Nico Prins is popular zen-like puzzle game all about growing plants and working actively your garden’s soil. It is highly suggested in giving Topsoil a try if global players are in the mood for calm zen-like puzzle game that is still wholly challenging.

Like other puzzle games, the game has only one game mode in Topsoil. Since it has one mode, the game is wholly high score chaser, but global players never feel stressed about beating your best record since Topsoil offers players with a chill experience.

The key goal of the game is pretty much straightforward where one should harvest as many plants as players can before the garden fills up.  For doing this, just place plants of the same kind in adjacent squares so that players can harvest them together and turn over the soil. Topsoil begins out simple enough, but as they discover new seeds, trees, and even friendly birds, things become more difficult. Once the garden fills up and players have no more moves at your disposal, then the game actually ends.

Topsoil for iPhone

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