Reasons to Upgrade Your Systems to Windows 10

Most of the desktop users feel a little hesitant to upgrade to the latest Operating System launched by the Microsoft i.e. Windows 10. The top reason is that the users are used to the feel and working of the previous versions hence the upgrading to newer windows feels like a completely new experience that will make them spend time on it for feeling at ease. However, Windows 10 comes with some brilliant features that are surely going to make you think again of your decision of not upgrading. Let’s have a brief look at them and Reasons to Upgrade Your Systems to Windows 10.

The top most reason why you should opt for Windows 10 is the enhanced speed and security features. Another reason why this Windows deserve to be installed in your systems is the touch of artificial intelligence in form of Cortana. It provides you a way to talk to your system and get notified about the reminders or other important tasks. The other reasons for getting Windows 10 installed on your system include a better browser, new start menu, and a single screen that will allow the snapping of up to four apps.


Windows 10 Tips and TricksWindows 10 Tips and Tricks. An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services

There are some shortcomings with the latest versions of Windows as well. You can’t downgrade once you have upgraded, it may take up some extra space and while in the upgrade process, you may lose some of your important files. But do not worry as EaseUS recycle bin recovery software has got your back. If you land in such a situation where you have accidently deleted your important file or lost them during the upgrading process, EaseUS data recovery software free can help you in getting those files back conveniently in no time. However, it is important to create a backup before you initialize the upgrade process to save yourself from any hassles in the later stage.