TypeShift for iPhone

TypeShift for iPhone by Zach Gage is advanced word puzzle game that would keep your brain stimulated for long time. It is highly suggested of giving TypeShift a try if global players are in the mood for some stimulating word puzzles and want something that is distinctive.

TypeShift for iPhone adeptly features a super minimal aesthetic that would immensely appeal to anyone who adores simplicity. Like other word games, TypeShift is also level-based, with hundreds of puzzles distributed out across a myriad of “packs,” which are expediently chapters with tasty names.

The main goal in TypeShift is easy enough where one has to spell out words in the center row until they have used all of the letters at least once. The control scheme in TypeShift is intuitive. Each puzzle features many rows and columns of letter tiles. This game is to be amazing gem among the flood of big indie game titles on the popular App Store.

TypeShift for iPhone

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