Cuzzle for iPhone

Cuzzle for iPhone by GalacticThumb is a Sokoban-style puzzle game that cinch keep global players mind stimulated for long period. It is highly recommended any puzzle fan, particularly of Sokoban-style puzzles, to give Cuzzle a try.

The game is qualitatively rendered in 3-D with isometric graphics and an angled, top-down perspective. Like many other puzzle games, Cuzzle is also level-based, and can come across four unique chapters that have about 30 levels each.

The main goal of the game is simple and straightforward where global players must get all of the white blocks in their proper position to unlock the portal for the colored cube. Though it sounds simple enough, but the puzzles get trickier as players proceed further.

The amazing thing about Cuzzle, is the fact that the game has no move restrictions, time limits, no penalties, so global players could solve each puzzle at their own leisurely pace. The controls in Cuzzle are intuitive and responsive. If players make a mistake, then they can use the undo button in the bottom right corner for going back one move at a time.

Cuzzle for iPhone

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