Card Thief for iPhone

If people enjoy stealth and solitaire-style card games, then Card Thief by Arnold Rauers is good match for you. The game adeptly features the same graphic novel-esque art style that efficaciously captures the hearts of Card Crawl fans.

Card Thief expediently features a map with four different areas that global players could play through. The main goal in Card Thief is easy where players had to move their thief through the deck of cards by immensely sneaking around in the shadows, extinguishing torches, pick pocketing guards, and stealing quality shiny treasures along the way, all without global players being caught.

The controls in Card Thief are easy to pick up and cards will be arranged randomly on a 3×3 grid, with your thief always illustrating up first before the other cards. When global players are able to get through all of the cards in the deck and reach the exit, then players have successfully cleared that heist and they could view their respective score.Card Thief for iPhone

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