Tavern Guardians for iPhone

Tavern Guardians for iPhone by Wombo Combo games inc. is the popular match-three RPG that is more like a hack-n-slash action game. It is amazing mashup of challenging action game with match-three RPG that gl,obal players can applaud.

Tavern Guardians is efficaciously set up like a match-three RPG and there are interesting levels, global players don’t get to choose which stage they want to start from after you die in a round. The game adeptly features four hero classes namely as Paladin, Gunner, Mage, and Berserker, but only the Paladin is available from the beginning.

The main goal of Tavern Guardians is facile where players had to match tiles for attack adjacent enemies on the board and replenish your health, defences.  This game is perhaps one of the most challenging matches-three RPGs global players are going to find on the App Store.Tavern Guardians for iPhone

In fact, it would definitely take some time before global players are going to unlock all of the heroes, since they will end up dying a lot before that. The controls and game mechanics in Tavern Guardians are straightforward. Finally it is highly suggested for anyone who enjoys sensational strategy match-three RPG game.

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