Space Labyrinth for Android

Space Labyrinth for Android developed by alv90 is an exciting new game that will keep users entertained. It efficaciously features never ending mazes, battles with alien foes, and hours of sensational challenging with total entertainment.

The key goal of the Space Labyrinth game is to collect all the crystals which are located all over the planet terrain. It is noted that crystals scanner is made available on the upper left hand corner so global players can actively determine what range you are of crystals close by.

The closer global players are to the crystals the more red the scanner would turn. During collecting the global players will encounter and battle enemy aliens that would primarily try to prevent you from finishing your quest.Space Labyrinth for Android

The Help menu feature will also enumerate how you do certain actions during the game namely as shooting down aliens, driving your vehicle, and saving present status point in the game. Altogether it is a fun game for global players of all ages, and does not need any special set of immense skills to obtain the game goals. Eventually this game is recommended for all categories of global players.

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