Savelings for Android

Savelings for Android by Savelings Inc is a popular location-based, augmented reality game that provides an exciting twist. It is a reward collecting app for the Android that allows its passionate users collect real world items e.g. coupons, discounts, and cash prizes.

Savelings is quiet similar to Pokémon GO but instead of catching imaginary Pokemons, players catch Savelings who could actually reward them with real life cash, discounts and prizes.

Savelings for Android is unique in that it adeptly features a way to navigate a virtual world that is actually synced with the real world. It also uses your location to search little Saveling characters around you that players can collect. The more you collect the more rewards global players will have. These respective rewards range from normal coupon discounts to cash prizes.Savelings for Android

In order to navigate around the map, global players require to actually moving around in real life and once an egg is in your character’s circle, players can quickly capture it and earn your reward. Savelings is a free app efficaciously designed to reward you for collecting the little Saveling eggs with coupons, discounts, cash rewards, and prizes. Altogether this game is widely appreciated from all corners of users.

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