Random App of Kindness

If global users are looking for ways to help teach your child how to be more empathetic, then Random App of Kindness by HabitatSeven may just be an app for that. You could enjoy 9 fun-filled mini-games and actively help their characters through their interrelated journey.

The main goal of their app is to get kids doing things that research has illustrated. It could help them build more empathy. It was also noted that the developers group took the building blocks of learning to be empathetic and apply them straight into the app.

Random App of Kindness

In this interesting game of Random App of Kindness the players have to do things like try to get away from an angry person as quickly as possible, must figure out what a crying baby needs and assist an elderly woman cross the street.

The app was also tested with kids between the ages of 10 and 17 over period of two-month and professionally found the ones who played their game versus a standard game were more likely to assist others. These are the things app developers trying to develop in children and it’s absolutely remarkable that is possible to do with an app. It might be the beginning of other people developing pro-social apps like this.

Moreover each game connects you with our world through empathizing characters’ successes and hilarious failures. Primarily you could help Grandma cross the street and keep her safe. You need to walk away from the angry man and assist Harriette, the puppy to find her happy spot. Dance with the dancing boy with absolute rhythm.

Random App of Kindness

It is also possible to play the slot machine emotion game and give the crying baby what he requires. You can trace the girl’s face to give her the confidence to sing and also possible to win the bonus Balloon game after completing all levels.

Eventually this app is a fun game efficaciously built by professors at Indiana University, University of Michigan, Eastern Kentucky University, and Ohio State University, in conjunction with reputed technology company HabitatSeven with generous support from the John Templeton Foundation. The app was developed as part of a research study to actively examine the social effects of an interactive smartphone app.

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