Float for iPhone

Float for iPhone by GalacticThumb is interesting arcade game that provides a relaxing atmosphere with some fairly challenging gameplay at the same time. Anyone who adores minimalistic style in their games will cinch enjoy what they experience in Float, that’s for guarantee.

Float has one of the tranquil, ambient soundtracks which is delightful to listen to, so it is highly suggested immersing you in this game. Like other arcade games, Float is also level based, and presently there are eight total areas for players to float their way through.

The main goal in Float is simple enough where global players get the flower to the destination marker at the top of the screen by actively moving it with ripples in the water. You must avoid obstacles, as they break the flower with a single touch. The game sounds simple but things get harder and tricky as players progress through.

Float for iPhone

It is also enumerated that each area adeptly features various parts as well, so there’s slightly more content than players see on the surface. The game also has attractive color palette, primarily featuring a myriad of soft pastels to bolder with more vibrant hues, depending on the stage that global players are on.

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