Euclidean Lands for iOS

Euclidean Lands for iOS by kunabi brother GmbH is a gorgeous puzzler game for global users. It is highly suggested checking out Euclidean Lands if you’re a fan of puzzles, stealth, and strategy.

It is enumerated that everything is adeptly rendered in 3-D and the game is almost like an optical illusion. The color palette of this amazing game is stunning, as global players find several pastel shades and vibrant, bolder hues which actively combine into a soothing masterpiece.

Euclidean Lands has excellent ambient soundtrack which is tranquil and relaxing. It should assist you to focus on solving the puzzles. Euclidean Lands is level-based, and passionate global players must go through the stages one-by-one in a linear fashion.

Euclidean Lands for iOS

Presently at this junction, there are five chapters and 40 levels in total. The game does not offer any hints or in-app purchases, so the only way to conquer Euclidean Lands is purely using your brain. In order to keep game interesting, some foes have longer attack ranges than others, and players can see how far they could attack due to the red line and respective “x” marker in front of them.

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