After The End for iPhone

After the End for iPhone by Nexon M Inc is a puzzle adventure game that will certainly give your brain a workout while offering some gorgeous eye candy. It is highly suggested of giving after the end a try if global players are in the mood for a puzzle adventure game with strong emphasis on storytelling.

In After the End game though it’s an episodic puzzle adventure game, it’s still level-based rather than open-world like Pan-Pan. This actually means that players must actually solve the puzzles which are in front of them before they could move on to the next area and level.

If global players like a specific stage enough, they could go back and replay it through the game’s level selection screen. It is noted that things begin out facile enough, but the hardship of the puzzles would increase as players make progress in the game.After The End for iPhone

The main objective in each stage would vary depending on the situation that players character is in on their journey. Moreover it would always comprise solving a myriad of puzzles before they could advance. Interestingly there is more to the game than just solving the puzzles and moving on. The playesrs could find hidden relics distributed throughout the game, so bit of exploration is required if players tend to be professionalism.

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