Nanuleu for iPhone

Nanuleu for iPhone by Selva Interactive is a minimalistic strategy game that professionally showcases never-ending war between ancient magical trees and the dark forces that try to consume them. This is definitely a game that you’ll want to come back again and again.

Nanuleu is impressive if you’re into the minimalist isometric style. In the fact that most of the game is flat but appears at an angle, giving off a 2.5-D perspective. The colors in Nanuleu are bright with different colors and shapes to represent all of the unique trees that actually serve a purpose, and the quality hues change to indicate your progress.

The dark invaders have their own peculiar appearances and immense abilities, so they keep things interesting as global users play. The animations are fluid as you expand your land, plant and grow trees, and defend the exclusive harmony of nature. There is also a soundtrack in the background that is a pleasure to listen to. Overall, the acumen developers did amazing job with the game in terms of visual and audio.Nanuleu for iPhone

Nanuleu for iPhone has three game modes respectively as Apprentice, Warrior, and Sage, though the last one must be unlocked by proving yourself as a Warrior first. These respective modes also represent the game’s difficulty levels, and each time you play, the map is procedural wise generated, so users never get the same thing twice.

The main objective of the game remains the same where one has to expand the land and repel the dark forces with the power of ancient, magical trees. The users have to manage resources, plant your defenses in the correct spots, and make sure that no enemies get through. In simple terms Nanuleu is a strategic tower-defense like game.

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