Trump’s Wall for iPhone

Among several games this popular Trump’s Wall for iPhone game is a simple one which features The Donald as a heavy equipment operator attempting to build a wall to keep ducks from crapping on the wall at his house.

The game is so interesting that you’re not just dropping blocks in place, although you could cinch take that strategy if you select. Instead, you’re actually trying to mix the blocks so that users could build higher while keeping the entire structure stable. They are sort of like Tetris, only with the intent to keep out immigrant’s ducks and the immense inability to rotate your pieces.

Trump's Wall for iPhone

It is enumerated that throughout the building process, Trump shouts Trump-isms, and makes subtle jokes about candidates. In case if users allow a block fall to the ground, ‘You’re Fired’ and have to begin all over. If you wish to give it a shot, you’d better grab it quick. It’s difficult to imagine this game getting so much addicted if once played.

In this game the ducks are pooping all over Trump’s yard. The users could stack blocks as high as they can so they stop pooping there. The global players could easily move the crane and drop each block on top of one another.It is possible to stack them as high as but don’t allow any fall to the ground or you’re fired ultimately. This game app would certainly captivate the users mind and provide the incredible features worth buying.

Trump's Wall for iPhone

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