Defense of Greece TD

With regard from Top Ranked Apps Review Directory namely AppsRead they enumerate that there are several tower defense games available for global app users. The latest among them that users must try out is Defense of Greece TD.As the name suggests, you would be backing with Greece and assisting them defend their country against the baleful enemies who are trying to take control of it.

Defense of Greece TD was professionally developed by First Games Interactive. This popular tower defense game has been placed in the times of Ancient Greece. Moreover it is quite odd to find robots and steam powered machines in that era. The main concept of the game is quite amazing indeed.

It efficaciously combines the best of ancient times and the modern times to offer global app users a sensational story. The Players have to defend themselves through every map. More interestingly one could find more than one entry point and exit point for the enemy to assail. It means you require guarding multiple entry points at the same time. The stronger users work, the better users could upgrade their tower.


Defense of Greece TD is combined with the storyline, the captivating game play and colorful graphics define the popularity of this game. The users could experience efficacious combination of the ancient and modern times. It is therefore not possible to imagine ever before. The simple trick for winning the game is to plan out defense strategies to the tiniest detail and expediently arm with powerful tools. It is suggested that everyone from rookie to general must be well prepared for you to win. By this right tactics, the global players could guard against the most powerful enemies.

Defense of Greece TD game comes with 60 unique levels that have been set on 4 islands. The levels of difficulty get harder as players proceed further. You could find many difficulty levels to accommodate all types of players. It is revealed that there are 14 types of enemies comprising from air, sea, mechanized and infantry to keep you engaged. Each required for expediently accommodating with strategy and tackling in a unique way. There is lightning, grenades and Tribolo to assist global players for making the battle more sensational too. Defense of Greece TD is both available for Android and iOS.

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