Twitter for Android

With latest technology of app development the familiar Twitter successfully launched a new profitable feature on their Android app that would highlight the day’s top tweets, actively sending users push notifications twice a day on the top tweets they could have missed. So if universal user detests the rest of the expedient social media addicts who refresh Twitter number of times a day, the Highlight feature could greatly assist global user to check the app even less often. The Twitter for Android has been introduced for sake of global users.

The reputed Twitter announced that in their valid blog that it would efficaciously analyze familiar tweets based on conversations among relevant accounts of the universal user who follow and current trending topics in your local area. With the valid assistance of push notification, the international users could progressively click to go to the interface exhibiting each highlighted tweet, expediently allowing user to swipe through them until arriving back to Regular real-time feed. Eventually Twitter for Android has become applauded from all genres of global users.


This advantageous Highlight feature in Twitter for Android  is opt-in only, so if universal user are open to receiving push notifications from Twitter, the prosperous user could progressively go to Settings > your Twitter handle > Mobile notifications and check Highlights. The famous company adeptly conveys that it would consider bringing the advantageous feature to other major platforms in the future.

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