LightonZ for Android

With lot of mobile app introduced on regular basis the Top Ranked Apps Review Directory namely AppsRead Directory introduces latest Android app called LightonZ.

This popular Android is regarded as an inspiration novel idea of declaration recorder with expedient editor which cinch assist user to ameliorate your focused motivation. LightonZ for Android professionally assists user to create the declaration that motivates with the selection of including modern multimedia. AppsRead Directory enumerates about few of their beneficial features that cinch assists user to stay motivated no matter how difficult moment’s users is going through.

The global users could able to add their own motivational declarations. LightonZ for Android has main purpose of helping to record of own affirmations or declarations. Later it is possible to play those for personal motivation purposes. You could personalize & edit message according to wish. The user could copy/paste text from clipboard or write up the text utilizing the app keyboard.


The global user could easily modify the text size & their relevant color to personalize the message. With modern media each message could be further customized by including quality multimedia items such as trailblazing pictures and sounds. The user could include images from your library or directly snap those from favorite camera, instantly load sound clips from the phone library or utilize a message recorded in preferred voice to get motivated by them.

It is also confirmed that every LightonZ for Android message recorded could be played over and over to keep motivated. Once if global users play a message you could view if it requires further adjustments and simply do them if required.

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