Heaps for Android

In present mobile technology you could find numerous novel ideas arise on the couch with favorite friends. Heaps for Android are exclusive app which professionally addresses how we socialize as groups.

This beneficial app is marveled by five novel Danish entrepreneurs; it is somewhat similar of like popular Tinder for friends. Adding to this the app expediently organizes groups of friends to match and meet up with relevant quality groups in the area.

Suppose if its Friday night cocktails or you’re moving to watch a movie, the general users could actively check in on Heaps and discover other unique groups of friends in that particular area doing the same activities. Cinch then it is possible to connect and arrange where possible for all to go together. It’s presently available for download on iOS and Android devices in respective countries like Denmark, Sweden and the US.


This app was well used after that night where the group of friends experience that funny parties at home are always more enjoyable than going out to clubs and bars. It’s cheap and users could actually talk to each other without having to focus people in an awkward dating kind of things. They also think to address the obstacle and develop Heaps for Android to allow groups find, match and party with each other. The app was proudly launched during August in Copenhagen and sincerely gathered over 40,000 users in less than three months.

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