Snaky 360 for Android

A lot of trailblazing games and applications are introduced with the increase in number of Smartphone users. Sébastien Laoût is a leading game developer which develops persuasive games for Androids. Snaky 360 is one such game marveled by Sébastien Laoût which regarded as a perfect Snake adventure game. In this game, the global user should help Snaky and their snake friends to escape with 300+ original levels, each portraying a unique game-play.

The user must get to throw bombs in order for clearing your way up, adeptly declare war to alien ships, instantly break levels with missiles, actively solve puzzle levels, eat relevant frightened ghosts, must catch falling apples and acutely avoiding many obstacles. According to top ranked apps review directory AppsRead this Snaky 360 for Android game is all about mixture of arcade, puzzle, action and address games.

Snaky 360 for Android game is actually rediscovered with exclusive 8 level types namely they are snake-invaders, bomber-snake, pac-snake, breakout, course, pong, modern and finally classic. The aim is to move the snake freely through 360° with intuitive and customizable controls and enjoy happy hours of constantly renewed fun in numerous levels spread across six effective campaigns. It is much easier to pace the speeding up and slowing down during the snake game. You can also effectively unlock two other game modes inclusive of the diet mode.


The user can enjoy real emotions of the original Snake with the classic mode 90°. You are also instructed to master the 10 snakes with each snake having their own character with due rewards. During the Snaky 360 for Android game the users can avoid pitfalls, energy balls, spaceships, ghosts, lasers, rotten apples, poisoned darts and mobile scaffolds. They are always advised to utilize power-ups intelligently with resurrection packs, relevant shields, teleporters, hexagon fragments, flying apples, switches and gates. The user can effectively compare scores and achievements with friends or other players in the world. Eventually it is wholly revamped and highly addictive snake game for benefit of global users.

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