AskYourHeart for iOS

The AppsRead directory is efficaciously enumerating about the latest iOS app called AskYourHeart which has been marveled by Stephen Linsteadt. This popular app follows a systematic process towards the solution. In present context of modern world people are suffering from many problems originating due to emotional reasons. So there are no formulae for finding apt solution. The global user needs relevant guidance so that user could lead a healthy and wealthy life. With this AskYourHeart for iOS app the user could very well solve their problems.

As initial step the global user must enter the problem. Your problem could be related to anything such as depression. Then users have to select any one of the available choices and the app would illustrate you the chakra holding your relevant discomfort. You could find other required information’s respectively as Color, Quantum Healing Code, Planet, Element, Gland and Organ. In an organized manner the AskYourHeart for iOS would assist you through the possible effects of that problem and provide an expedient solution as well.


Other than the text content, the global users could opt for few cogent healing notes as well. The vital musical notes have been professionally composed especially to play few specified frequencies that would efficaciously resonate with your heart and assist you to achieve what you need. The acumen concept and scientific theories suggests that music is regarded as the greatest source of inspiration. So it could qualitatively boost in energy levels that user can’t imagine at normal times. More factually it could calm you down to level zero when your heart is at unrest.

These cogent notes work in the same way and are expediently significant in assisting a person for achieving the adorable state required. There are many scientific terms coined that user won’t be popularize with. So the developers have offered simple process in step by step phase for better understanding. You could find more powerful codes which assist to align thoughts and emotions with the positive heart response that received from heart during the vivid session. AskYourHeart app is quite compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or any later version of the OS. It has also been optimized for iPhone 5.