PopJam for iPhone

Many familiar games such as Angry Bird seemingly appreciated by global users it’s no surprise that more quality interesting games hit the App market. The AppsRead review members reveal the potent makers of Moshi Monsters which is considered to be the latest fast-paced game called PopJam for iPhone to hit the App Store. The cogent creator has already given successful game called Mind Candy for sake of global players. This PopJam for iPhone provide an Instagram-inspired acumen creative community where anyone could professionally share drawings, vivid photos and catchy stickers with their friends.

It is said that each potent post is a square-crop, just like Facebook’s familiar photo-editing app. The Mind Candy has progressively traded filters and adjustment sliders for colorful stamps with cogent paint brushes. There are three modes respectively as draw, photo and sticker could be utilized separately or combined for an excellent eccentric piece of art. The global users could then share these with their favorite friends with like and actively respond to famous posts with their own acumen creations. Every feature is tied to a quality vertical feed which cinch almost identical to popular Instagram’s mobile apps.


Mind Candy wish to introduce new ground with a novel ‘Discover’ section where kids could actively follow professional accounts related to familiar brands, potent products and crazy TV shows. Presently they are adding evergreen Minecraft, prosperous LEGO, Doctor Who, popular Frozen and Adventure Time. In addition they wish to conglomerate quality education-focused channels in the future.

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