Disney Tsum Tsum for iOS

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From news sources of AppsRead it is confirmed that Disney has expediently announced the global launch of a mobile puzzle game marveled by Japanese popular messaging app Line, called Disney Tsum Tsum actively pronounced as Soom-Soom. It is revealed that Disney Tsum Tsum for iOS app has been downloaded more than 14 million times just in Japan alone, and Disney is progressively to familiarize the potent franchise all across the globe.


Disney Tsum Tsum for iOS app which professionally translates to ‘Disney Stack Stack,’ permits global players connect and pop as much of the Disney Tsum special characters as they could process in one minute. The more Tsums you are supposed to rid of, then the higher the game score. The global players also obtain to collect cogent Disney and Pixar Tsums as they actively progress through the trailblazing game, such as popular Mickey, mind blowing Minnie and vivid Stitch. Each one could then be leveled up over time and has a unique capacity to offer in-game assistance. The Disney Tsum Tsum for iOS app game also permits global players connect to a Line account, so they could effectively compare their live scores with friends or gift in-app purchases to other prospective players.

Apart from their core efficacious messaging function, the popular Line is also focusing to be a global gaming platform, and Disney’s successful global launch of the Tsum Tsum game cherishes volumes about the familiarity of interesting games connected to the ever loving chat app. The Disney Tsum Tsum for iOS app review from appsread is efficaciously appreciated by the international app users. This Disney Tsum Tsum for iOS app is wholly assuaged by the global app market users.