EverythingMe for Android

The professional review members of AppsRead consider EverythingMe is one of many Android launchers which offer a quick way to change the look and functionality of your smart phone. After successfully testing this app it is now available worldwide. With this Everything.me for Android app the contextual launcher expediently rebuilds home screen based on the time of day and where you are exactly.

The Everything.me for Android app has quality Prediction Bar at the bottom vividly positioned just above your dock, would illustrate four app icons based on the time of day. If user would wake up, it might display potent weather app, Twitter and Flipboard. Suppose when user arrives at work, they would be switched out for job-specific tools such as popular Dropbox and LinkedIn.

This Everything.me for Android app has beneficial search bar which cinch lies in wait at the top of user’s home screen. Unlike Spotlight in iOS, the global user could type and instantly access most frequently utilized contacts and apps. They are expediently organized automatically into folders based around specific themes, such as popular Social, Games and News. EverythingMe would learn global user’s preferences and professionally ensure to have the optimal home screen and apps, 24 hours a day. Overall, if global user wishes to have a trailblazing experience then geared to providing as many cogent options as possible for your phone or tablet, the global user would adore Everything.me Home. This app does a potent job of expanding horizons, so if user wishes to view the sights then everyone adore this successful launcher.


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