Hungry Bird Game on Google Play for Free

In today’s world of entertainment, mostly the mobile apps and online games assuage global users. The game developers from appsread are talking about the latest Android app called Hungry Bird which has been marveled by Fox Studios. It is irony that the name of the app sounds very close to Angry Birds. The app review team suggests this is entirely different game. In this interesting game the global user have to do feed the bird with lots of food.hun

The app designed with fruits coming from the top of the screen so that by tapping it one can open the mouth of the bird in taking a bite into them. In a realistic manner, it’s not just fruits falling from the top but there are cacti too. It is known well from all of us that it’s not eatable. The game procedure is that whenever a fruit falls, the player had to tap at the screen in letting the bird open its mouth and eat it. While in case of the cactus, the player should not tap. In the beginning of the game, it’s similar like a piece of cake.

This trailblazing game is endless and the further you stretch the faster it moves. The game triggers brain activities and quite ameliorates function of the whole system of brain. The members of appsread strongly recommend this efficacious game app for benefit of global users. It is certain that for every fruit the player miss, player loses one point and soon game would be over. Eventually one bite into the cactus, you’re finished.

The graphics of game are potent, vivid, amazing colorful with mild peppy background music. If player wishes it is possible post apt scores on Facebook and Twitter as well. The game app is quiet compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS. The Hungry Bird Game on Google Play is available for free and you can download it from below link.

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